This is a random story that I am writing for myself. I’ve become so out of touch with writing that I need to get all the silly, incongruent, random ideas out of me and start anew. So, this story will have grammatical errors, spelling errors, run-on sentences, too long sentences, too short sentences, this story could not make sense at all, it could be completely unreadable, but none of that matters because I am writing this for me, myself, and I. …

A young man walks through a crowded mall naturally making eye contact with random strangers now and then.

What happens in those few seconds that eyes connect?

How much of your story shows in your eyes and what do you think is conveyed during those brief interludes of daily life?

When he makes eye contact what does the young man see?

Does he see the hurt and the pain behind those eyes?

Does he notice if the eyes are smiling or if they’re just pretending?

Do these questions run through his mind when he looks into the eyes of strangers?

I’ve started a journey to understand my unique flavor of loneliness and the most prominent thing I’ve learned is that it’s not unique it’s recognizable. Bits and pieces of my brand of loneliness are in anyone who has experienced the emotion in one way or another. A solo traveler in a new and unfamiliar place, a fellow writer filling their void with reading and working, any human being longing for the love language of “touch, or a wanderer trying to navigate the subtle and overt intricacies of sex and the act of making love. …

What should I do when my loneliness attacks my inspiration?

Write about it.

A friend of mine posted on FaceBook about his routine to combat boredom during our self-isolation. We got to talking, and he advised me to “put pen to paper”, that struck a chord with me. See, I was a writer before loneliness overtook me. I wrote poetry, flash fiction, random incoherent sentences strung together to form some inane thought, and I was happy. Then, something happened, and I’m not sure what. I didn’t run out of time to write, there were hours upon hours after work, I…

You find yourself trapped between a rock and a hard place. A ginormous padlock keeps the only visible door and exit locked and the key is nowhere to be found. The places you have available to search are your past, your present, and beyond the door, you can see your future. How do you navigate a maze that is a collection of every encounter you’ve ever had, struggles you’re now going through, and the unknown consequences of every choice you’re making now?

Let me just say that I am by no means an expert in the “how-to’s” of obtaining successes…

Eat what you want.

If you want to go vegan with them, do it. It can still be delicious.

If you want to support them, but still enjoy bacon. Then do it.

Communicate, converse, and discuss with each other.

Listen without thinking of how to respond.

If they aren’t forcing it on you, don’t do that either.

Vegan isn’t the end of a relationship.

Vegan doesn’t have to be the enemy of meat and vice versa.

Love each other, support each other, and be there for each other.

What someone chooses to eat shouldn’t dictate your relationship.

This shouldn’t be so dramatic.

If you’re still unsure what to do, read the first line again.

P.S. Tofu is actually delicious and is an incredibly versatile ingredient.

Recently, I introduced my 12-year-old niece to Dungeons and Dragons and I helped her create a character, taught her how to play, and ran her through her very first adventure. With a young, new player I wanted to simplify the game enough for her to enjoy and really get into the roleplay. So, I fudged dice rolls, ignored spell materials, and homebrewed a few items to help her start out. Luckily she loved it. She was laughing and excited, she was even scared to delve into the imaginary sewer and fight giant rats. …

There was a time in my life that I thought all I needed was someone to fulfill me and make me whole. I thought I wouldn’t be complete until I had someone to love and to hold. Someone that I could call my own and who would call me theirs. I thought I found that someone… on many occasions. Each of them was the end all be all, of my life and that I would never need another person or thing again. I saw that in all of them. Little by little, relationship by relationship I began to believe that…

Have you ever had the unpleasant feeling of complete and utter boredom wash over you? You have your favorite console, PC, smartphone, board game right in front of you with selections of other games you could play instead. Yet, no matter what you think up, no matter how you justify that the next game you play is what you “really” wanted to play your mind can’t generate any interest or fully immerse yourself. It’s frustrating, worrisome, and is downright awful to feel this way when you know that even having the time to play a game can be a precious…

Let’s say you have an easy 9–5 that supports yourself and/or your family. Paychecks come in and you pay the bills on time without issue. The job isn’t even that difficult. To be honest you might even show up and complete the least amount of work and still get paid. This sounds perfect does it not? But, one big, glaring, problem with this job is staring you in the face.

You hate it, or it’s not the career you had in mind when you first graduated from high school or college. What else is there to do but suck it…

J. Jumayao

I am an emerging writer who wants to share what little I’ve learned throughout my life with all of you.

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